Cardijn Canonisation Committee launches

posted 8 Nov 2012, 19:53 by Stefan Gigacz

The Cardijn Community International is launching a campaign for the canonisation of YCW founder Cardinal Joseph Cardijn following its Vatican 2+50: A Cardijn Perspective conference in Manila from 11-14 October.

“Cardijn played a key role at the Second Vatican Council as a member of the Pontifical Commission on Lay Apostolate and later at the Council itself,” said CCI convenor, Stefan Gigacz.

“As recalled by former IYCW President Ms Betty Villa in her video presentation, Cardijn insisted that the Council should recognise the specific role of lay people in the world acting consciously and responsibly to transform the world in the ordinary circumstances of life. 

Cardijn's See Judge Act method was endorsed by the Vatican II Decree on the Lay Apostolate, Apostolicam Actuositatem, and was adopted in the drafting of the Pastoral Constitution of the Church in the Modern World, Gaudium et Spes

Former International YCW President Romeo Maione had earlier proposed that Cardijn be declared a Doctor of the Church for his role both as an educator and as a “healer” of the gap between the Church and the world. 

Please refer to Romeo Maione's proposal here: 

The first step in this process will be to work for Cardijn's canonisation, beginning with the establishment of a Cardijn Canonisation Committee comprising Fr S. Servatius (Kanyakumari, India), Fr Reid Shelton Fernando (CCI International Chaplain, Colombo, Sri Lanka), Mr X. Joseph, Mr Patrick Vishal Fernandes (Hyderabad, India).