Prayer campaign

posted 8 Nov 2012, 19:57 by Stefan Gigacz
Dear Friend,
Cardijn Community International (CCI) in its recently concluded international conference 'Vatican 2+50: A Cardijn Perspective' re-examined the spirit and decisions of Vatican II in the light of Cardijn's contributions.
The conference was held in Manila, Philippines from the 11th to 14th October 2012 attended by CCI members, representatives from the IYCS, IYCW and other organisations from different countries.
At this conference, it was felt that the long felt desire of all Cardijn followers around the world to seek canonization of Joseph Cardinal Cardijn should be taken up seriously by the CCI with the support of all Cardijn movements, Cardijn alumni and all those who recognise Cardijn as one who pioneered the cause of the youth, workers and lay participation in the Church.
A working group was formed as part of this Campaign to study this issue and to start the process.
A prayer seeking divine intervention in this cause formulated at the conference is attached.
There can be no other better occasion than to start this prayer campaign on All Saints Day - a day in remembrance of all those known and unknown Saints (as well as yet to be recognised ones).
We request you to kindly make this prayer a part of your daily reflection and prayer from November 1, 2012. Kindly pass on this prayer to your all those in your community.
We also seek your support in our efforts to promote the cause of Canonization of Joseph Cardinal Cardijn, the founder of the International Young Christian Workers.
You may visit for a detailed life sketch of Cardijn.
With prayerful anticipation,
For International CCI,
Stefan Gigacz - MJ Ruben - Juanito Penequito - Fr. Reid Fernando