The cause for Cardijn’s canonisation

We are pleased to report that our efforts to launch the Cardijn canonisation cause have borne fruit.

Thanks to the efforts of Fr Felix Van Meerbergen in Belgium, on 16 January 2014 Archbishop AJ Léonard of Mechelen-Brussels Archdiocese launched an ecclesiastical tribunal to enquire into the canonisation of Cardijn.

Read the details of the launch of the process on this site.

We have also drafted a prayer for Cardijn’s canonisation for use by all those who wish to seek his intercession.

We also hope that our campaign may one day lead to Cardijn being declared a Doctor of the Church.

We encourage all to take up this prayer and to share your prayer intentions.

Sadly, several members of the original tribunal have now passed on, including tribunal president Mgr Stefaan Van Calster, historian Dr Jacques Vermeijlen and Fr Luc Roussel, and theologian, Dr Walter Ceuppens.

We hope and pray for the eventual constitution of a new tribunal to take the process forward.

Cardijn Community International

Stained glass window at Notre Dame Church, Laeken
Stained glass at Our Lady’s Church, Laeken, Belgium, where Cardijn is buried.

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