More Cardijn saints in the making

YCW founders, Fernand Tonnet and Paul  Garcet


Saint Alberto Hurtado S.J.


Blessed Miguel Pro SJ

Blessed Gabriel Maria Allegre, YCW chaplain in Singapore 1960s

Blessed Marcel Callo, YCW leader in France, died in Mauthausen concentration camp 1945

Servants of God

Servant of God Georges Guérin, founder of the French YCW

Servant of God Cardinal Eduardo Pironio, President of the Pontifical Council for the Laity 

Servant of God Fr Josemaria Arizmendiarrieta, chaplain of the JOC, JEC, founder of the Mondragon cooperatives

Servant of God Archbishop Helder Camara, a founding JOC chaplain in Brazil, ally of Cardijn at Vatican II

Beatification processes under way

Bishop Enrique Angelelli, founder of the JOC in Cordoba Spain

Enrique Shaw

An Argentine businessman who started his business at the conclusion of World War II and established in 1952 the Christian Association of Business Executives with the assistance of Cardijn. He became a prolific writer and he published a wide range of books. He was also among the founders of the Christian Family Movement and he also served as the president of the Argentine Catholic Action. He also established a pension fun and a health care plan to provide medical services and financial support in circumstances such as illness an new births.

Fr Henri Caffarel, founder of the Teams of Our Lady, a chaplain at the National Secretariat of the French JOC in 1930

Fr Joseph Wresinski, founder of ATD Quart Monde, a YCW leader in France before he entered the priesthood

Dom Helder Camara, YCW chaplain in Brazil, major figure in social justice in Brazil, in founding of CELAM and at Vatican II

Pierre Goursat, founder of the Emmanuel Community, an artist, by profession was not a member of the French JOC, but was greatly influenced by its spirituality

Monseñor  Ramón Bogarín Argaña, founder of the Paraguay JOC, later bishop of San Juan Bautista de las Misiones

Guillermo Rovirosa (1897 - 1964)

Fr Guillermo Rovirosa, trade unionist and founder of the HOAC (Christian Workers Movement) in Spain

World War II forced labour and concentration camp martyrs

Eugene Lemoine and 51 other French jocists killed by the Nazis

Fr René Giraudet, chaplain of the French JOC, died in Paris, shortly after being liberated from Sachsenhausen concentration camp in 1945

Collective cause of canonisation for these JOC, JEC (as well as other activists) who died in various camps


Jean Mestre, JOC Paris, died at Brunswick, AEL Wattenstaedt, 4 May 1944

Henri Marranes, JOC Paris, died at Thuringe Flossenbuerg, 4 April 1945

Camille Millet, JOC Creteil, died at Thuringe, Flossenbuerg, 15 April 1945

Lucien Croci, JOC Creteil, died at Berlin, Sachsenhausen, 27 March 1945

Marcel Touquet, JOC Nanterre, died at Berlin, Ravensbrueck, 24 February 1945

Marcel Carrier, JOC Saint-Denis, died at Thuringe, Flossenbuerg, 6 May 1945

Alfred Dall'Oglio, JOC Saint-Denisn died at Berlin, AEL Wulheide, 31 October 1944

René Rouze, JOC Saint-Denis, died at Dora-Ellrich, Upper Silesia, 20 February 1945

René Ponsin, JOC Pontoise, died at Buchenwald, Rhineland, 19 March 1945

Jean Lepicier, JOC Angers, died at Buchenwald, Rhineland, 20 March 1945

Louis Pourtois, JOC Besançon, died at Mauthausen, Thuringia, 20 April 1945

Bernard Lemaire, JOC Le Havre, died at Buchenwald, Rhineland, 11 October 1945

Maurice Grandet, JOC Le Havre, died at Buchenwald, 12 October 1945

André Parsy, JOC Lille, died at AEL Zoeschen, Saxony, 26 December 1944

Colbert Lebeau, JOC Poitiers, died at AEL Zoeschen, Saxony, 3 January 1945

Henri Euzenat, JOC Reims, died at Mauthausen, Bade-Wurtenberg, 25 April 1945

Eugène Lemoine, JOC Saint Brieuc, died at AEL Zoeschen, Saxony, 8 February 1945

André Vallée, JOC Sees, died at Flossenbuerg, Thuringia, 15 February 1945

Jean Perriolat, JOC Valence, died at Mauthausen, Upper Silesia, 14 April 1945


Jean Chavet, JEC Saint-Etienne, died at Mauthausen, Saxony, 24 April 1945

Père Victor Dillard s.j., JEC chaplain 1935 - 36, died at Dachau, Westphalia, 12 January 1945