Cardinal Joseph CARDIJN

Enquiry into his life and virtues

His Excellency Mgr. A- J . LEONARD

Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels

Wollemarkt 15


Tourneppe, December 16, 2013


As postulator and vice postulator of the Cause of Beatification of Cardinal J. Cardijn, we would like to respectfully ask you to kindly establish a tribunal to rigorously compare the life and virtues according to the norms established by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints .

Please find attached a brief description of his life. It reveals his intense missionary activity and enthousiasm, until the moment his heart found serenity with God.

During his life, he was an example for the young people whom he managed to inspire to devote their lives to the service of their neighbours. He founded the International YCW.

We have received testimonials from Asia and Australia in support of this process

The anticipated date is January 16, 2014 at 11am at the Archbishopric ( Wollemarkt 15-2800 Mechelen). Your secretariat has confirmed the date.

Thank you with all my heart and send you our warmest greetings .

On behalf of the postulator and vice postulator